February 22, 2020
اطاعت والدین کے حدود

Itaat e Waldain kay Hudood By Mufti Abubakr Jabir; Mufti Ahmadullah Nisar | اطاعت والدین کے حدود

Itaat e Waldain kay Hudood is written By Mufti Abubakr Jabir; Mufti Ahmadullah NisarYou can Download Free Islamic Pdf Books in Urdu on Besturdubook.com Website.

This book is about the parent’s rights to their children. Parent’s priorities for their children’s and how children should follow their instructions and obedientness. The book writer described in this book about the respect of parent s. This book is written on two hundered pages which is written by two different writer their names are Maolana Mufti Abbu bakkar and Maolana Nisar ahmad . How ever their very few writers that wrote books on this topic. Their is very urgent need to highlight on these points about the parent respect. therefore in different Ahadees and in Holy Quran describe about the respect of parents. How ever in our today society moslty disrespect of parents and elders unfortunate face.

Here the poet describe that after Allah the first wright on you is your parents. But that that is not limited as other wrights. Their for in other religion did not describe the respect of parents as described in our religion Islam. So their is some limits that they have no wrights that they force to unbeliever. In the pressure of culture did not did divorce wife. Mother love is three steps higher than father. With out these limits a society can not go to strees and problems. This book highlighted .

Therefore the definition of good behavior is that a conversation which show love and  financial help that show love and kindness.

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