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Jamia Tirmazi Mutarjam Book is now available In urdu . Jamia Tirmizi  is collection of Hadith compiled by Imam Abu Isa Muhammad At-Trimizi which is considered to be the one of the  six collections of Hadith.In his 46 books it contains 4400 hadith with repetition.The  main objective  described by him was to derive laws from the previous hadith.Later on his book  is compiled with a primary focus on the different narrations by Imam Muslim. He contains four types of hadith.Even after mentioning a weak hadith the state of weakness is also described by him. The ahadith which were confirm with the conditions of al-Bukhari and  Sahih Muslim.

Jamia Tirmazi Mutarjam Book Overview

Jamia Tirmazii Mutarjam Urdu Book, The main subjects of this curriculum were: Bgair Taharat ka Koi Namaz Kabool nhi ki jati, Wuzu ki Fazeelat ka Bayan, Taharat Namaz ki Kunji hai, Bait ul Hala mai jaty waqt ki Duaa, Bait ul Hala sy Niklna ka bad ki Duaa, Qibla Taraf Mou our Pucht krna ka jawaz mai, Qazay Hajat ka wqt parda karna ka Bayan, Pathro sy Istanja karna ka Bayan mai, Do Pathro sy Istanja krna ka Bayan mai, Paani sy Istanja Krna ka Bayan mai, Gussal krna ka Bayan, Wuzu krna ka Tareeqa or Zarori Cheezy, Wuzu ka Faraiz , Gusal ka Tareeqa or Zarori Bayanat, Wuzu krna ka Bayaan mai Reah Niklna sy, Nend sy Wuzu Farz hony ka Bayaan, Wuzu or Gusal ka sb Tareeqa or bht sy shubahat app door kr skta or mazeed jan shty h ..

Main Subject of this Book?

Jamia Tirmazii Mutarjam pdf Urdu Book The ahadith which were conform with the conditions of Abu Dawud and Nasai.The ahadith which have certain discrepancies either in the sanad or matan.The weak hadith that were relied on by  some fuqaha.Only 83 Hadith of them are reapeated.He explains different madahib  together with  their proofs in his books.In the first he narrates why purification is compulsory and  how it have to be done. It have different books which were explain on the importance of the prayers on the different days and in different times.How and why five times prayers is important and what is the message from the messenger of Allah.Also explain the witr and Friday prayer importance in our life by messengers which have been narrated by him.

Jamia Tirmazi Mutarjam

It explains the fasting and its specifications and After that how and what should have to do on Eid’s.The process and how much Zakkat is compulsory and to whom it have to be given is also narrated by him in his book.A brief discussion  is on performing Hajj and what rewards have been given on hajj and umrah by God.The prohibition against wishing for death  and what is about the soverity of death. Furthermore he narrates about visiting the sick and the instructions to the sick when dying.(302)

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Jamia Tirmazi Mutarjam Book in Urdu

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