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Musannaf Abdul Razzaq Book is now available In urdu . Musannaf Abdul Razzaq was collected by abd al-razzaq al-sanani in the eighteen century.It contains 18,000 traditions arranged in topical order.He described about the purification.How we have to do wudu, how many times and how we have to wash every part during wudu.He also described about the use of water.He orders about the dog’s jaw ,cat’s jaw.The touching of the women during the masculation time.He tells about the touching the hidden body parts and what should we have to do if we touch our hidden bday parts.

Musannaf Abdul Razzaq Book Overview

Mussannaf Abdul Razzaq Urdu Book, The main subjects of this curriculum were: Taharat ka Bary mai Rawayat, Taharat mai jaiz tareeqaqar, Taharat krty hwy kuch amal bhul jana us surat mai Tareeqar, Wuzu ka doran Ki jany wli galtiyan or unki islah, Wuzu krny ka darjat, Wuzu ka Fawaid, Wuzu ka Jaiz Tareeqa or unha pura kaisy krna hai Tareeqaqar, Kisi Janwar ka Pani ka andr mar jana or us pani ka Istemal, Pani ka Isteemal na pta hona ki Surat mai, Wuzu kis kis pani sy jaiz h, Janwaron ka pani ka bara mai hukam, istemaal or Paaak, Napaak Pani ka istemal or Tareeqar iss mai shamil hai, Haiz ka bara mai Rawayat, Haiz ki Muddat, Tahar kaisy hota hai, Kanwari Nafas wali orat ka bara mai Hukam, Kapron ka Paak Napaak kis surat mai h or na Pta hona ki surat mai Namaz ada krna ka Tareeqa, Namaz ka bary mai Rawayat iss mai shamil hai, Or namaz ada ka Sab Rawayat, Asool, Tareeqar iss mai shamil h or mazeed ap jan skty h ..

Main Subject of this Book?

Ahadis Mussannaf Abdul Razzaq pdf Urdu Book, He gave a detail description about the women time duration of periods and what she can use ,what she have to do ,how she have to take bath after periods.One of his chapter is complete regarding Salat,How we have to offer prayer ,in what conditions and dresses we can offer prayers.Another  book is started with the Jumma prayer that how much rakats are included and what preparation every muslim have to do before Juma prayer.Eid preparations and discussion on the prayer timing and how to offer eid prayer.He narrated about the funerals,What to do with the person who died.It recommended to purify the cloths of the dying person at the time of death.

Musannaf Abdul Razzaq Book

How much Zakat is compulsory and to whom it have to be given is also narrated by him in his book.A brief discussion  is on performing Hajj.He gave a brief discussion on the traditions of nikkah.On which condition the divorce is to be taken and what would be the cases the divorce is happen.After divorce what are the possibilities to go back and how a women have to put herself in parda.He narrated about the qasam and blood money.His book shows the dislike of delaying in making the will.The book on the sacrifices.

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Musannaf Abdul Razzaq Book in Urdu

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