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Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah Book is now available In urdu. Musannaf Ibn-e-Abi Shaibah Book is one of the well known compilations of hadith. These prophetic traditions were collected by Muslim scholar Ibn Abi Shaybah. Which includes 37000 hadith. He narrated reports from predecessors about each subject area,the battle of the saffin, the battle of the camel, the death of the 3rd Caliph, controversial topics ,Uthman. It includes Ahadith classified as saheeh, attributed to Muhammad(PBUH), attributed to the compainions, and discountinuity with the transmission. Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah Book written about the chapter on the purifications. He narrated about the Azaan and its timing. He also gave brief discussion about the mozan what he have to do during azan and what are his responsibilities.

Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah Book Overview

Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah Urdu Book, The main subjects of this curriculum were: Bait ul Hala mai Dahil hona Bahir ana, Wuzu ki Duaa , Koi Namaz Bgair Wuzu ka Kabool nhi Hoti, Wuzu ki Pabandi or Fazeelat, Wuzu mai Azah, Wuzu ka Halal tareeqa, Tareeqa Wuzu or Halaal Tareeqy, Wuzu ka Tareeqa Jaiz or Halaal, Paun ka Masah krna, In Hazraat ki Rawayaat jo paun ky dhona ko zarori smjhy, Hukam jo sar ka Masah krna ka lia naya pani peeny ka qail nhi, Pagri par Masah, Masah krna ka tareeqa, Wuzu ka Tareeqa or Bayanaat, Aurat ka Wuzu, Taharat, Pasmanda pani sy Wuzu krna ka Bayanat, Gussal krna ka tareeqa, Masjid mai Wuzu krna ka Bayanat, Wuzu mai tanba ka Bartan Istemal krna ka hukam, Mutyala or Gadla pani sy Wuzu krna ka Bayaan, Gusal Wajib, Bosa leny sy Wuzu nhi tooty ga, Bosa lena ka Bayaan, Aunt ka Ghost sy Wuzu , Wuzu ka Jaiz Tareeqa, Jin Hazrat ka Nazdeeq peeshab ka bad pani sy Istanja krna mustahib hai, Wuzu ka krna ka Tareeqaqar, Wuzu ka pani kis surat Jaiz hai, Gusal Janabat mai Tafreeq, Jaiz tareeqy or Bayanaat jo Islam mai jaiz hai yww nhi iss mai shamil hai …

Main Subject of this Book?

Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah pdf Urdu Book, The chapter regarding the Prayer that how we have to offer prayer ,what are the conditions when we offer prayer. He gave the detail discription on the namz which place is best ,what to do when you were in masajid and all important points regarding prayer. Musannaf Ibn-e-Abi Shaibah Book declared the information regarding Jumma Prayer.What is the importance of Ramadan and how much a peron have to took care when he is in roza?He also narrated about the importance of Zakat and who is eligible for zakat. In Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah how much zakat is to be given to a needy by anyone.

Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah

Narrations regarding Visiting a sick person.It recommended about the person who died and what should his relatives have to do.What should be said at the time of death and prompting the dying person.His narrations about the dislike to swear by al-amanah and ambiguity in oaths.It is also said by him  the obligation of hajj and taking the provisions for the hajj. Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah Book said about the expedite performing the hajj and entering the ihram for hajj.He write a chapter on the orders of nikah and its terms and conditions.And even same for the dirvorce that what are its terms and conditions.He narrated about the jihad that is it obligatory to strive?He wrote a chapter on the hunting of animals and playing games.He narrated about the commercial transactions regarding the one who consumes riba and pays it.

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Musannaf Ibn-e-abi Shaibah Book in Urdu

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