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Mustadrak Hakim Book, is now available In Urdu. Imam Hakim Naishapuri is the creator of Al Mustadrak Urdu Pdf. It contains the Hadiths of the Prophet of Islam.

Mustadrak Hakim Book Overview

Mustadrak Hakim Book, The main subjects of this curriculum were: Kitaab Al Emaan, Kitaab Al Ilm, Kitaab Al Tahara, Kitaab Al Azaan, Kitaab Al Masajid, Kitaab Al Salah, Kitaab Al Istasqa, Kitaab Al Sayam, Kitaab Al Zakat, Kitaab Al Qitah, Kitaab Al Hajj o Umrah, Kitaab Al Nikkah, Kitaab Rizah, Kitaab Al Hanan, Kitaab Al Iqah, Kitaab Al Talaq, Kitaab Al Jahad, Kitaab Al Libas, Kitaab Al Adab, Kitaab Safat ul Qayamah, Kitaab Al Fitan, Kitaab Al Hadood, Kitaab Al Qiraat, Kitaab Al Tab, Kitaab Al Shifa, Kitaab Al Marzi, Kitaab Al Istezan, Kitaab Al Ruya, Kitaab Adaab Al Safar, Kitaab Al Bahal, Kitaab Al Diyah, Kitaab Al Fraiz iss mai shamil hai ..

Main Subject of this Book?

Mustadrak Hakim Book, Al-Mustadrak contains 8803 hadiths, including around 260 hadiths in regards to the temperances of Imam ‘Ali (a). The book has been condemned by certain Sunni researchers since it refered to hadiths, like Hadith al-Tayr and Hadith al-Ghadir. A few researchers, like al-Urmawi, al-Suyuti, and al-Kinani, consider al-Hakim al-Nishaburi’s al-Mustadrak to be one of al-Sihah al-Sitta (the six solid Sunni wellsprings of hadiths).

Mota Imam Malik Book

Permissibility of eating it when one can die is a specific exception. There are other similar approaches which scholars have explained. Those who do not make an effort to acquire this knowledge can easily deviate). Mustadrak Hakim form the textual core of the Sunnah, an important source for the derivation of Islamic jurisprudence second only to the Qur’an. Hadith specialists have compiled hadith in various collections with differing criteria for inclusion, and not all hadith in all collections are necessarily authentic.

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Mustadrak Hakim Book in Urdu

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