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Sahih Al-Targheeb Book, is now available In Urdu. Al-Targheeb wa’l Tarheeb is the urdu translation of authentic ahadith that are chosen from various source books of ahadith on various subjects, similar to great deeds that bring fluctuating levels of reward, and evil deeds/wrongs that call for retaliation (Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil).

Sahih Al-Targheeb Book Overview

Sahih Al-Targheeb Urdu Book, The main subjects of this curriculum were: Kitaab Al Emaan, Kitaab Al Ilm, Kitaab Al Tahara, Kitab Al Salah, Kitaab Al Imamat o Salatul Jamah, Kitaab Al Jummah, Kitab Salat ul Edeen, Kitab Al Witar, Kitaab Salat ul Talau, Kitaab Alsahu, Kitaab Al Istasqa, Kitaab Al Kasoof, Kitaab Al Salat ul Hauf, Kitaab Al Janaiz iss mai shamil hai ..

Main Subject of this Book?

Sahih Al-Targheeb pdf Urdu Book, The Ahadith are described uniquely to give happy greetings and to caution – to make awareness and to reprove, so one might be urged to carry out beneficial things and abstain from evil deeds. Shaykh Imam al-Hafiz Zakiuddin Abdul Azeem al-Mundhiri (Munziri), was initially from Syria and brought into the world in the period of Sha’ban, 581 Hijri. He was a famous analyst (muhaqqiq) and a notable researcher as per Shafi’i way of thinking, and a Master in Hadith, Arabic language and history.

Sahih Al-Targheeb Book

Sahih Al-Targheeb Volume 1

Sahih Al-Targheeb Volume 2

Sahih Al-Targheeb Book in Urdu

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