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Sahih Muslim (Waheed Uz Zaman) Book is now available In urdu . Sahih muslim is collected by the “Muslim ibn al Hajjaj” and it’s highly acclaimed by Sunni Muslims and considered as the Second most authentic hadith.He travel world wide to gather his collection of ahadith.Muslims extremely worked hard to get these collections of Ibn al Hajjaj. It is divided into 43 books on different subjecrts.It contains 7500 hadith with repetition.The first book starts with the faith on God and that the Holy prophet(PBUH) is the last prophet of God.

Sahih Muslim (Waheed Uz Zaman)Book Overview

Sahih Muslim (Waheed Uz Zaman) Urdu Book, The main subjects of this curriculum were: Namaz ka masael, Azaan ki Ibtada, Azaan ka kalmat do do martaba, Azaan khny ki Tarkeeb, Do Mouzan ak Masjid ka lia, Azaan ki Fazeelat jis sy sheetan bhag khara hota hai, Andha Azaan dy skta hai Bashart koi Ankhyar iska sath ho, Darul kufr Mai, Azaan sunny wla whi khy phr Rasool Allah (S.A.W) par darood prha our waseela manga, Azaan ki fazeelat jissy sheetan bhag khara hota hai, Namaz mai Tashhad Parhana ka Hukam, Muqtadi ko Imaam ki Parwi Zarori hai, Imaam ki Parwi our har Rukan iska, Dill lga kr achi trha Namaz prhany ka Ahkam, Imaam sy phla Ruku Sajda krna Haram hai, Namaz mai Asmaan ki trf dekhna ki Mumanat, Zohar our Asar mai Qirat ka Bayan, Fajr ki Namaz mai Qirat ka Bayan, Namaz Magrib mai Qirat ka bayan, Isha Ki namaz mai Qirat ka Bayan, or bhi bht kuch iss mai shamil hai…

Main Subject of this Book?

Ahadis Sahihh Muslim (Waheed Uz Zaman) pdf Urdu Book Faith is the core all islamic laws.How Prophet(PBUH) taught them to be clean and pure.Muslims must be therefore be clean and pure because it is also a preparation for the last day. A menstruation is related to the various purity related.It describes and gave the teachings that the women going through menstrual bleeding can’t do fasting during the ramadan.


The brief narrations about the prayers and their way of actions to be performed by muslims. It narrates how much Mosques are important for men and which places are suitable to offer prayer. We will find different narrations on prayers during travelling that offering of prayer is equally important as in daily life.

Sahih Muslim Volume 1

Sahih Muslim Volume 2

Sahih Muslim Volume 3

Sahih Muslim Volume 4

Sahih Muslim Volume 5

Sahih Muslim (Waheed Uz Zaman) Book in Urdu

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