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Sunan Dar Al-Qutni Book , is now available In Urdu.Dar Al- Qutni was born in c. 918 CE/306 AH.

Sunan Dar Al-Qutni Book Overview

Sunaan Dar Al-Qutni Urdu Book , The main subjects of this curriculum were: Taharat ka Masael, Haiz ka Masael, Namaz ka Masael، Aqamat ka Bayan, Hazrat Jabrael ki Amamat ka Bayan, Magrib or Subah ki Alamat ka Bayan, Namaz Isha ki Alamat ka Bayan, Azaan or Aqamat ka Bayana, Nafal Ada krna waly ki Iqdar, Ontho or Bakriyoo ka bary mai Namaz ka Bayan, Taqbeer Tahreema ka bad Duay Istaftah, Namaz mai infaradi tor pr Imaam ka peechy namaz ka bayaan .

Main Subject of this Book?

Sunaan Dar Al-Qutni pdf Urdu Book , Sunan Darqutni Urdu Sharah Pdf is a brilliant accumulation of Hadith e Nabvi. The book contains multiple four thousand Hadees on different topics. Imam Darqutni was a popular researcher and Muhaddith in the fourth century of Hijrah. He gave the example of Hadith to common individuals everyday. A few prominent researchers of Islam like Abu Nuaym and Imam Hakim were the students of Imam Darqutni. The two of them likewise acquired the name in the educating of Hadith.

Sunan Dar Al-Qutni Book

Sunan Dar Al-Qutni Volume 1

Sunan Dar Al-Qutni Volume 2

Sunan Dar Al-Qutni Volume 3

Sunan Dar Al-Qutni Book in Urdu

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