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Sunan Darmi Book, is now available In Urdu. 

Sunan Darmi Book Overview

Sunaan Darmi pdf Book, The main subjects of this curriculum were: Muqadma, Taharat ka Masael, Namaz ka Masael, Edeen ka Mutaliq Abwab, Zakaat ka Masael, Rozo ka Masael, Hajj ka Mutaliq Masael, Qurbaniyo ka Bayaan tafseel sy iss mai shamil hai ..

Main Subject of this Book?

Sunan al-Darmi Urdu Book was viewed as by a portion of the mohaditheen to be one of the main six real books of Hadiths and some even think of it as better than Sunan Ibn Majah as a result of its more elevated level of legitimacy and respectability. There is a difference of opinion about the title of this book. It has been called as Musnad, Sunan and even Jami. In any case, its association related all the more near that of sunan.

Sunan Darmi Book

Sunan Darmi Volume 1

Sunan Darmi Volume 2

Sunan Darmi Book in Urdu

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