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Sunan Darmi Book Overview

Sunaan Darmi Urdu Book, The main subjects of this curriculum were: Muqadma, Taharat ka Masael, Namaz ka Masael, Zakaat ka Masael, Rozoon ka Masael, Hajj ka Mutalqa Masael, Hajj ka Mutalqa Masael, Qurbaniyoon ka Bayaan Tafseel sy iss mai majood h or ap mazeed jan skty hai …

Main Subject of this Book?

Sunaan Darmi pdf Urdu Book, Sunan al-DarImi is a popular Book for Hadith. it has a major collection of Hadiths organised in segments as indicated by the issue that deals with, for instance in the part of ‘Tahara’ there is all the Hadiths that covers that particular issue, in the segment of ‘Iman’ the hadiths that covers the issue of iman. Sunan al-Darmi was considered by certain researchers to be one of the principle Books of Hadiths and, surprisingly, a portion of the researchers asserted the Book to be more important than ‘Sunan Ibn majah’ in view of the greater degree of credibility and greater noteworthiness of the Hadiths remembered for al-Darmi’s Book contrasting with those remembered for ‘Sunan Ibn majah’.

Sunan Darmi Book

Sunan Darmi Volume 1

Sunan Darmi Volume 2

Sunan Darmi Book in Urdu

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