Surah Al Anam with urdu translation PDF Download or Read online

Surah Al Anam with urdu translation PDF Download or Read online.  Anam Arabic: ٱلأنعام‎, al-ʾanʿām; meaning: The Cattle. Surah Al Anam English Name is  ” Cattle “. It is 6th Chapter of  Holly Quran. The Surah is About Relationship of Allah With His Messanger.  In the Holly Quran total 25  Prophets( Messagner of Allah ) are Mentioned . But  18 are Mentioned in Surah Al Anam.  

Surah Al Anam Information

Surah Al Anam is Meccan surah”  . in the Surah , total are 165 verses  &  20 Rukus. The Surah Share information with us  related Animal Hallal & Haram. The Surh is discussing about Following Topics 


Surah Al Anam

Surah Al Anam with urdu translation

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Related Topics

The Surah Give you Answer of Following Questions.