Surah Al Hajj with Urdu Translation PDF Download or Read online

Surah Al Hajj with Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online. Surah Al Hajj  is 22th Chapter of Holly Quran. Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) Said that  The person who will read the Chapter will Earn Same reward as compare the person who  have been for  Hajj.  The Surah Explain The Day of Judgment.  The Surah  tell us the story of Mosque “Kaaba”  who built Prophet Ibrahim with order of Allah .  The Person who  not believe  on Allah have no rights to Stop people to Go Mosque ” kaaba”.  And if they do like that then Muslim Can fight with  him.   

Surah Al Hajj Information

Surah Al Hajj is “Meccan surah” . in the Surah , total are 78 verses  &  7 Rukus. Surah Al Hajj meaning is Al-Ḥajj (Arabic: الحجal ḥajj  meaning: “The Pilgrimage” “The Hajj”). 

In this surah it explains the rite of pilgrimage which muslims believe that was begun by Prophet Ibrahim.The Surah begins with the depiction of the Day of Judgement and the fear and terror that this world will end one day. It describes the history and purpose of building the  sacred Mosque “Kaaba” which was built by Prophet Ibrahim on God’s Command and that pilgrimage had been instructed for the worship of One God only. Surah also states that the worship of more than one God have no right to stop people from visiting this Sacred Mosque. In this surah the believers of God named as “Muslim” and according to many commentators of Quran in the  first verse that grants muslims permissionsto wage war against polytheists principle because of not allowing to visit “kabba”.

Surah Al Hajj with Urdu translation

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