Surah Ash Shuara with Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online

Surah Ash Shuara with Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online. Surah Shuara  is 26th Chapter of Holly Quran.   The Surah Refuse the Shirk And Partner Of Allah .  There are no God Only Allah is  God.  Allah give him advice to  the people who  refuse to Muhammad ( SAW) that if you Accept The Message then  you will got reward. Otherwise  Allah Punish you .   

Surah Ash Shuara Information

Surah Ash Shuara is “Meccan surah” . in the Surah , total are 227 verses  &  11 Rukus. Surah Shuara  meaning is Ash-Shuara(Arabic الشعراء‎, ash-shu‘arā meaning: The Poets). In this surah, we find the emphasis that God is only one,and Holy Prophet(PBUH) is the last prophet.It describes the stories of all the prophets and their teachings to the people that the message of Holy Prophet(PBUH) they are conveying is from God.The purpose of this surah is to proof that shirk or comparing God with someone is wrong through evidences and emphasis on that only God has created the whole universe.We can see his creations in this natural wonders and in man’s own self.Now it’s on non believers that the accept the truth of universe and surrender on the oneness of God  or they reject and wait for God’s wrath.

Surah Ash Shuara with Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online.

Surah Ash Shuara with Urdu translation

Surah Ash Shuara in pdf Download

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