Surah fatiha translation in Urdu PDF Download or Read online

Surah fatiha translation in Urdu PDF Download or Read online. surah fatiha ka tarjuma   in Pdf . Surah Fatiha Meaning From English to Urdu is سور? فاتحہ .  We can write in Roman English  Soor? Fatiha. According to Holly Quran  Arrangement , Surah Fatiha  is First  Surah  Of the Quran .  We  Always read The Surah in Every Prayer Time.  It is First Chapter of the Quran. The word الفاتحة come from the word Ftah(فتح)  which means to open, explain, disclose, keys of treasure etc

Surah Al- Fatiha Information

The Surah have   6  or 7  āyāt (verses) , 25  or 29  number of words  And  113 or 139  number of latters .  The Surah is also called Mother of Quran Because it  is too much special. It is also Know Makkiyah Surah.

Surah Al- Fatiha Picture with Urdu Translation

Surah fatiha translation in Urdu PDF Download or Read online​

Surah al-fatiha with Urdu Translation

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