Surah Naml with Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online

Surah Naml with Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online. Surah Naml  is 27th Chapter of Holly Quran.  The Name Taken  due to Verse ( Ayat )  18 . In Which  Share discussion of Aunts each other  Which Hazrat Solomon heared.  In the Surah , Many historical story shared and The main theme of Surah Namal is guidance From Allah and Allah give  the guidanceonly the person who are good . 

Surah Naml Information

Surah An-Naml is “Meccan surah” . in the Surah , total are 93 verses  &  7 Rukus. Surah An-Naml  meaning is An-Naml (Arabic النملromanized: an-naml. ‘The Ant). In this surah the story of hazrat suleman explains that he heard the dialogs of the ants in the ants valley.In this surah there is guidence from God.Only God-fearing people like God and strongly believe in him.It explains that king suleman who thinks he is the only one who is answerable to God and the people of Makkah are rejecting Holy Prophet(PBUH) because of there stubborn attitude where suleman is more powerful and having whealth as compare to Prophet(PBUH).In the past God kept on sending messengers all over the world in different nations to remind them and warn them that he is the only one who created  all this.Those who accepted these messages and were guided,while those who denied ,they saw the side effects of their denial.The Surah ends with the scene of last day ,that on the judgement day everyone will be treated  equally righteous or wrongdoers.   

Surah Naml with Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online.

Surah Naml in Urdu translation

Surah Al Naml in pdf Download

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