Surah Taubah with Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online

Surah Taubah Urdu translation PDF Download or Read online. Surah At-Tawbah is 9th  Chapter of Holly Quran.  The Surah Also know as Bara’ah. The Surah Complete At the time of  the Battle of Tabuk  In medianah in the 9th year of the Hijrah. In the Surah There are no Bismillah . Because  the Sahaabah  did not write it at the  beginning of theis Soorah  In the Mushaf,  Following the example of the Calipha ” Uthmaan”.

Surah At-Tawbah Information

Surah At-Tawbah is “Medinan surah”  . in the Surah , total are 129 verses  &  16 Rukus.  In the Surah Also Describe the principal  of war and peace.  The English name of Surah At- Tawbah is Repentance , The Absolutions. Surah Tawbah meaning is At-Tawbah (Arabic: ٱلتوبة‎, at-Tawbah; meaning: The Repentance) . In the Surah  Main topics are :

Surah Taubah with Urdu translation

Surah Taubah In urdu translation

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