February 22, 2020
تنقید ایک بری عادت ھے

Tanqeed Aik Buri Adat hai By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi | تنقید ایک بری عادت ھے

   Tanqeed Aik Buri Adat hai is written by By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi. ). You can Download Free Islamic Pdf Books in Urdu on Besturdubook.com Website.

Tanqeed Aik Buri Adat hai

This book Tanqeed Aik Buri Adat hai is all about manners and agitates for those people who always point out others. Even they don’t like and hate them personally and always want to make less prior in other’s eyes.  So Criticism is word of Arabic language. therefore mean is reorganization of standing and losing. In other word It is a term where a people can highlighed the term of positive and negative.  Above  critisem as correction is good and necessory. therefore could not highlight the negative aspect of people. However any sociaty can do this then it go to on the way of destroy.

Tanqeed Aik Buri Adat hai By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi

Therefore In our daily life our moral problem and criticism on other is very normal that is not good. however  a big loss of criticism is hated spread in society  and start quarrels with each other and then we go behinded with each other.Therefore instead critisizeed  on other we need to criticised on himself and pray that Allah blessed him with love and kindness with other people. Hence the wright of criticism is only that person that is correct itself and preach the other people in their society.  Similarly criticism is used to just highlighted the negative aspects of people that is not good. Above all a person that describe the badness of other people and criticism on others then obviously you understood that this habit of those people whose are are far away from the GOD.

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