February 21, 2020
علوم القرآن

Uloom ul Quran By Allama Shamsul Haq Afghani | علوم القرآن

Uloom ul Quran By Allama Shamsul Haq Afghani. You can read online and Download free Islamic pdf books in Urdu, click on below given link.

In this book the writter described about the life of this world. The poet says that every person want to live there beacuse human all blessings are attached with their life. theirfore if a human can not this world all these things are meaning less. like feed,dress,power all thse are useless. In this natural passion the logic is if any body attack on your lives and he even he is your enemy  and he want to save their lives that is their wright. Similarly if any person that have attacked any disease to survive from that he put all efforts to save their lives. it shows that the survival of life is natural.

Need of Alwali ul quran

In this book described that how we spend our lives according to standard of islam. It is enough to explain the blessings of human happiness. therefore the one reason is


The book Uloom ul Quran has a vast knowledge of the Holy Quran.

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Uloom ul Quran By Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani علوم القرآن

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