Inteqam e Aatish by Suneha Rauf Novel In pdf

Inteqam e Aatish is a very Suspense, Revenge, hate to love, Justice  novel by Suneha Rauf. This novel is a very emotional story of a house. Where 2 girls and boy live. Their parents passed when they are young. But After their parents only they live together with each other. This novel is a story of a world very harsh incident. The incident who destroy girls life. Some one rape a girl who is sister of Inspector. He want to inspect the person who rape his sister. And take revenge. The girl is a sister of him. And he want to know about him .She is 2 years elder from him. But they have a strong bound after their parents. This world is full of people who destroy girls life for their inner satisfaction. Rape is very harmful incident for girl. No one can define this act in words.

Inteqam e Aatish Novel

Inteqam e Aatish Novel Read Online

Inteqam e Aatish Novel is very emotional story of a Family. Who are very happy but no one knows their happiness no lasting ever. They are 2 sister and 1 brother. They are very rich after their parents death they leave a strong business for them. So he just take care of his sister like father. He is inspector at young age he done a study. And now he is on very good position. You can get to know what incident happened and about suspense story too how the some one raped his sister and now how he take Revenge. You can read this harsh reality story now from our website in pdf format any time. You can read also other novels.

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