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Chalakta Ishq Novel by Momina Malik. This story is about a beautiful girl who is very dear to their family. The girl is very beautiful and one character is about a main story character friend who is with her in university and also her Neighbour friend.  This novel is very different then others. How girl met with the boy accidently. And how she attract the boy in first sight incident. The girl is like angel. She is very beautiful. People who see her first time will be fall in love with her. You will be very amazed to read this unique story and also the other side one more boy like this girl. But true love will be met in any condition. Love with both side have different kind of attraction . Both side love have strong affection and bound and 3rd person never can cross that. and Break that bound.

Chalakta Ishq Novel

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Momina Malik each novel is different from each other. Each novel have their own affection and people like her each novel very much. This novel is also based on First sight love and also about the boy who fall in love after he saw her first time. This novel is very suspense and amazing. You will be like it very much and want to read this novel again and again. So if you want to spend best time read it now online from our wesbite.

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