Tashat Izyaam Novel by Momina Malik in pdf

Like all others novels Momina Malik this Tashat Izyaam Novel is very unique and different from others. This novel is about a girl who is very brave and example for many others girls who take stand against injustice. This novel is about a girl who take justice for their father and also stand for her family. Our country don’t give justice to the poor people. The law is not equal for all kind of people. All people are die in this wish one day they will get justice. This is also true base of story for law and how many families broken in taking justice. How inequality and how poor people choose to stay quiet to safe their self respect and their family lifes. This novel story is also based on this. You will love to read about the brave girl. 

Tashat Izyaam Novel

Tashat Izyaam Novel Read Online

Tashat Izyaam is different novel and give a examples of many people in this world who have same kind of story and how their life growing through. This story have a strong and brave girl their ill mother and little and very innocent 2 girls. Some people murdered their father. And they are not taking blame and trying to threaten them. You will love to read this novel. This novel is true example for us. You can read this novel now from our website anytime.

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