Deedar e Ishqam by Areej Shah Urdu Novel in Pdf

Deedar e Ishqam Novel is a very interesting novel ny Areej Shah. Areej Shah each novel story is different from each other. This novel alos a Orphan girl. Her parents diet after her Birth. Now she live with her Taya. The binging of 8 years she live happily. But after her taya is ill. Her tae and their daughter in law treated badly to her. She is like a servant who work like a servant all the time. But they don’t feel pity for her. They trolling all the time to her and make a fun of her. Girl name is arzu. And one more character ouun. He love the girl. How they met with each other . And how their love story begin with this. You can read this emotional novel any time or now from our website.

Deedar e Ishqam Novel

Deedar e Ishqam Novel Read Online

Deedar e Ishqam Novel is a very emotional story of a Orphan Girl. This novel is very interesting you will love to read this. For each person in this world . Their own home is the only home they can live happily. How you can treated when you live in other home. How orphan face many things. How their life will be without their parents. This novel will let us know. and This novel is very suspense Love story. You can read this novel any time from our website in pdf format.

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