Main Aashiq Deewana Tera by Areej Shah Novel Urdu pdf

Main Aashiq Deewana Tera Novel by Areej Shah. This novel is very interesting love story. A boy Zouq who is married with the daughter of his Aunt Girl Ahsas. His parents at young age. His Ant husband is very greedy so he want to become rich. In greed he did nikkah of his daughter with Zouq. Zouq love ahsas sinse child hood. And they are officially married also but due to Ahsas study he is waiting for complete her education. But his Aunt husband now change his mind cause he thik that he will not received anything and want this Ahsas will give divorced to Zauq. This is very interesting love story. And also suspense novel cause there is also some secret agent who serve the nations and doing a secret mission. You will get to know about this after reading this novel. Read it now online from our website.

Main Aashiq Deewana Tera Novel

Main Aashiq Deewana Tera Novel Read Online

Main Aashiq Deewana Tera Novel is very romatic love story and also have a suspense novel. You will love to read this novel. This novel have 2 boys character and 1 girl. The boy zouq who love Ahsas his wife from bottom of his heart. And Ahsas also love him. But is so much shy and won’t let him know what she feel inside. You can read Areej shah this interesting novel any time from our wesbite and also read others novel. So stay tune for update.

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