Ek lafz Ishq Novel by Areej Shah Available in pdf format

Ek lafz Ishq Novel is a very interesting Novel by Areej Shah. This novel is very interesting emotional story by a girl. Their marriage is love marriage and they are very happy. They are also happy with each other. And they don’t know what accident ruined their life. In our life we can’t judge the person and what happened with us. Ek lafz Ishaq is a story of different characters some have done hard sins. And someone is going to distract and for them everything is fair. This novels is with very interesting characters and their different stories. Once you start reading this you will not stop so you can read it now and get to know what happened.

Ek lafz Ishq Novel

Ek lafz Ishq Novel Read Online

Ek lafz Ishq Novel is a story of a character Mahraj and Ayat.  They are very lovely character and how they live peacefully with each other. Mehraj cannot live without ayat and he want to live with her each and every minute.  He can’t even see her sad. This novel is very emotional and very interesting. You can read this interesting novel and get to know what happened. You can read this novel now or any time in pdf format.

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