Inteha e Ishq by Areej Shah Novel Available in pdf

Inteha e Ishq Novel is a story of a family who live happily. Their is twins brother one of them is work for secret agent. This novel is very interesting story of a family who live happily their life but the happy start never end up happily. No one knows this the brothers of this family are twins. They are not different from each other and their face and voice also same. Secret Agent is very big responsibility and also a taugh job. In this novel also a girl who is journalist and want to be get promoted to take an interview of secret Agent. But she don’t know how this will be big lose for him if she did this. How things going to be wrong you can read this and get to know about this. You will love this Areej shah novel. Her each novel is different from each other. And also you will be entertain after reading this novel from our website.

Inteha e Ishq Novel

Inteha e Ishq Novel Read Online

Inteha e Ishq Novel is written by Areej Shah. A very interesting twins brothers novel and one of them is secret Agent. How this novel is create suspense for people and for the all of them. How this secret agenda get to succeed. How the journalist girl who is very selfish for her promotion and she would not keep this secret.  You will love to read this suspense novel any time from our website in pdf format and also others novels.

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