Khuwab e Ishqam Novel by Wahiba Fatima Onine pdf

Khuwab e Ishqam Novel is about a story of old life style, their rules, their pride, how old people set their own rules and they don’t care about their children life. They just care about their pride and their rules and care about people. This novel is about one of village home. The home who set their rules and they are very rich in entire village, They don’t compromise for their pride. They also set this rules marriage between each other and no matter if the girl is very old aged and boy is very young. They just set this rules to no one enter in their family out of family. And if someone go against of their rules they don’t carea bout blood relation. That personal face the death.

Khuwab e Ishqam Novel

Khuwab e Ishqam Novel Season 1 & 2 Read Online

Khuwab e Ishqam Novel is a story of yash character who is grandson of very famous and pride set family. His background is very strong. But yash don’t like old people thinking and their set of  rules due to many harmful old memory. He left him village with his sister and come to him Nana home. Who is open mind and very great person. Yash challenge him grandfather and settle her own  business in city. And he is very successful rich man. He is very aggressive no one can say anything in  front of him. You will love this interesting and very suspense novel. If you want to read now . On our website you can read this novel online anytime. 

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