Wahshat e Ishq Novel by Wahiba Fatima Available in pdf format

Wahshat e Ishq Novel is story of a Sultan House. This family have 3 boys. And the rich and very famous house in this Era have rude arrogant and very annoying three son. They don’t care about anyone and just do what they want to do, and get what they want to get. But one incident break this family and their younger son take the business and start holding and working for their business. Now they are most rashest family and the beautyful and dashing boy shahveer. This boy shahveer. He is not even handsome also very clever and successful businessman. He now handle his family. And he is person who take revenge of incident happened in his family.

Wahshat e Ishq Novel

Wahshat e Ishq Novel Season 1 & 2 Read Online

This story is about a young boy who is very handsome and very successful businessman. He get what he want. he is also very rude. No one in entire his life attract him. But one day he fall in love at first sight. The girls is very decent and beautiful. Who ever saw her at first time fall in love with her. She is vey innocent. This novel is about love story and how the person want to take the justice by his own. How he just want to do the things by his own self. This novel is very interesting and passionate. Once you will be start reading never stop it. So you can read them Online. Wahshat e Ishq Novel season 1 and 2 from this website anytime.

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