Orh li Mohabbat by Wahiba Fatima in Urdu Novel

Orh li Mohabbat Novel is a very interesting novel by Wahiba fatima. This is not even suspense also love story. The beautiful pride and loving family living with each other. Three brothers and their new generation. They grow up together and their generations too. But we see how the generations grow now. They don’t have a value for family their love ones for their traditions. Our new generation is very rude arrogant and cheater. They cheat their family for their own sake. This is story of a girl who cheat her husband. Sara is while young his grandfather do her nikkah with tabish. tabish love sara since childhood. and what happed next how she cheat him you can get this now while reading this novel. Read it now from our website in pdf format.

Orh li Mohabbat Novel

Orh li Mohabbat Novel Read Online

Orh li Mohabbat Novel is a story of family who is very happy until their childs are not young. But with the passage of time time flies and every thing is going to change. Families who is very happy together they don’t know how their happiness will be vanish when their child’s are young. You can spend best time while reading this suspense novel. Read it now and anytime from our website.

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