Shah e Man by Wahiba Fatima Urdu Novel

Shah e Man Novel is about a Love story. A boy of Famous politician who love a girl and get married after many years of waiting. But we don’t know. Some time we get out destinations. But the destination and the aim who we get is not worthful for us anytime. Some people want his love very passionately. But their love not remain same to get his love and after get their love they become emotionless. In our life we give value to something until that we didn’t get. When we get the things which we desire we don’t chase it and don’t value it after getting this . This is life and this is our human nature. This novel is also about it. And when you start reading Shah e Man you won’t stop until it’s end. This novel is very interesting love story. You can read this novel now.

Shah e Man Novel

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Shah e Man is a love story novel. A person who is very pride and arrogant. And how he change his self for his love. Love have this power to change a person. A politician younger son now in love and want to marry a women he love after so long time he get his love. But something very unpleasant happened at the night of wedding and their love before start become ended. The girl is also very beautiful and a very dear for their parents. Read this suspense and endless love story how get apart. Every girl is pride and everything to their parents. So you can read this novel now or anytime from our website. Wahiba Fatima all novels in pdf format read online from out website. Stay tune for more novels.

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