Momin Ki Gurya Novel by Wahiba Fatima Urdu pdf

Momin Ki Gurya Novel is a very beautiful novel written by Wahiba fatima. Her each novel have a different story and very interesting. This novel is also about a boy who is very elegant and offer prayers. And very near to ALLAH. A very sober boy who not see any women and always bow his head. He like Pakeeza things and also same like this. This boy name is Momin and his Gurya. From the childhood he like someone and Gurya who their home people always said this they are for each other. But with the passage of time. Time change their  decisions also change. But sometime we don’t want to go against in front of our parents and give a sacrifice for them. Same like now Momin don’t want to hurt their parents and he sacrifice his childhood love. 

Momin Ki Gurya Novel

Momin Ki Gurya Novel Read Online

Momin Ki Gurya Novel is very interesting and cute love story. The people who love each other from childhood bow their heads in front of their parents decision. This novel is about love sacrifice. And about love who seem to be met for each other but they are not longer together. You will love to read this novel and also get to know what will happened with momin ki gurya.  You can read this novel now from our website anytime. 

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